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Bodybuilder vs. World’s Strongest Man: Matt Morsia Arm Wrestles Hafthor Bjornsson.

Matt Morsia, the popular bodybuilder and fitness influencer, steps outside of his training comfort zone and takes on a series of challenging gymnastic moves alongside former Olympic medalist Nile Wilson. But that’s not all: joining them is none other than Hafthor Bjornsson, aka Thor, aka The Mountain from Game of Thrones.

Bjornsson, who has recently announced his return to the world of strength sports after retraining as a professional boxer, shows off his newfound mobility and agility as Wilson instructs the pair in some gymnastics staples. However, due to his massive size, Bjornsson struggles with some of the moves that Wilson sees as basic.

After mastering the jump and twist, forward roll, press-up and spin, toes to bar, and some ring work, Bjornsson suggests a new challenge: arm wrestling.

I really don’t want to break my arm,” Morsia jokes. “If I come out of this without any broken bones, I’ll be happy.

Bjornsson, on the other hand, has his own ego at stake. “I have to win this,” he admits. “I’m bigger, I’m stronger, I feel a lot of pressure.” However, he acknowledges that technique plays a crucial role in arm wrestling, not just brute strength.

As the match begins, Morsia holds his own against the World’s Strongest Man for a respectable amount of time. Ultimately, though, Bjornsson’s size and strength prove too much for him to handle. Despite the loss, Morsia is pleased with his technique, and goes on to easily defeat Wilson with minimal visible effort.

Watch the full video on Matt Morsia’s YouTube channel to see the highlights of this epic arm wrestling showdown, and to witness the surprising agility of one of the world’s most famous strongmen.

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